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Pepper Tree Cover Art High


An award-winning manuscript from the Public Safety Writers’ Association 2018 Contest in the Unpublished Fiction category.


"Like the mast of a majestic clipper ship rising vertically through the horizon, the trunk and its heavily leaved branches interrupted the monotonous plane of the two-lane roadway. Interstate 405 ran parallel to Barranca Road, giving motorists driving northbound from Sand Canyon to Jeffrey Road an expansive view of the tree and its surroundings. Bordered by asparagus fields, Barranca was seldom traveled, but the pepper tree announced its presence, and the density of
its foliage shielded the most unspeakable of crimes."

- Excerpt from THE PEPPER TREE



Lincoln 9 takes place in America’s safest city, the City of Irvine, as determined by the FBI crime stats for violent crime with cities whose population exceeds 100,000.  It is a city whose reputation for safety and affluence overshadows the fact that the relatively few homicides are among the most vicious and complex cases of human brutality.  


Lincoln 9 is a story of three (3) such cases, combined into a fictional plot with fictional characters, but based upon actual crimes.

The story follows the career of Lieutenant Scott Hunter, the consummate cop who ultimately leads a team of detectives in connecting the clues toward solving these murders.  His talents not only instilled confidence in the members of his elite unit, but drew the attention of an attractive co-worker remarkably matched in interest and intellect. 

A great read by a great cop. Based upon true incidents in "America's Safest City". This book will hold your attention and you will find it difficult to put down. His writing style will appeal to the reader as will the story of how a serial killer was finally identified after a decades long rampage. I highly recommend the book.

Jerry Boyd
Chief of Police-retired


I love it when I find a book I don't want to put down! Lincoln 9 was a fast paced, authentic look at the workings of the Irvine Police Department and the officers who worked to solve a series of related murders. Written by a cop who was also a member of SWAT provided us with a rare, insider's glimpse. Great attention to detail, character development and story flow.

Gregory V. Gadbois 



Oak Tree Press 2015 Best Selling Book on Amazon

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